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The position of road and light is too back compare to the generation. kachhi(2 km) and pakki(2 km) road is avail from bathnaha to sonma village. There is no thing about light till yet. Diya and lamp is used as light system.. but thesedays private generator system is also available on the basis of monthly Rs.60/- pay and use system. People normaly use it for mobile phone charging and light (cfl) 4 hr/days. But this is too costly for villagers.
How Can You Reach To Sonma?
To reach sonma..... First come to patna by aircraft or train or other way. Then there are two ways.. 1. Bus and 2. Train... Bus is good way compare to train because train consumes much time whereas bus consumes only 5 hours max to reach sitamarhi. But now train is available from Muzaffarpur to sitamarhi. So for travel through train you will have to go to muzaffarpur by bus and then train for sitamarhi. After reaching sitamarhi you can use auto or bus in sursand road to reach bathnaha. And then come 2.0 km south by a pakki sadak and then move west from a playground satuated on the road side at entering in majhoura. Now you are in your Sonma. Welcome.......

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